Epidemiology & Surveillance

Epidemiology is the study of how often diseases or other health outcomes occur in a community and who is affected by them--with the ultimate goal of learning the most appropriate strategies for prevention of the disease. 


The word “surveillance” in public health relates to the process that is used to identify, report, and count cases of disease.   Information collected and presented by epidemiologists help public health officials prioritize health concerns and plan accordingly for their community.   See below for information on local infectious disease surveillance data.




Information for Healthcare Providers:

  • Need information on what infectious diseases are reportable in Ohio?

A list of the reportable infectious diseases in Ohio

  • Need a form for reporting infectious diseases to the local health department?

→A form that can be used to report an infectious disease case

  • Need to report a disease and it is after normal business hours?

→Call 740-385-3030 and listen to the after-hours reporting instructions


 Information for the General Public:

  • Need information about a disease or other health condition?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website

  • Interested in what infectious diseases are reported?

The latest monthly summary of infectious diseases for the area

  • Interested in the level of influenza activity?

The latest weekly influenza surveillance summary for the area









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