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A plumbing permit is required from the Health Department for any plumbing work for both residential and commercial buildings for new construction, additions, or if the plumbing is replaced in building or room.  A permit is not required for minor repairs or fixture replacement. A plumbing permit is also required for the installation of a water treatment/conditioning unit or the placement of a manufactured home. A homeowner may install the plumbing for their own residence otherwise a registered plumbing contractor is required.  All commercial plumbing work must be done by a licensed plumbing contractor who is registered with the health department. Isometrics must be included with all residential plumbing permit applications.  A commercial plumbing application must be accompanied by architectural plans.   




Please contact the health department at 740-385-3030 ext. 2 to schedule an appointment for the following inspections: Underground, Rough-In, and Final.  If an inspection fails, a reinspection fee must be paid before another inspection can be scheduled. Please make sure the address is clearly visible from the road and the building card is on site. 





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