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A private water system (PWS) is defined as a water system that has fewer than 15 service connections and does not regularly serve an average of at least 25 individuals daily at least sixty days each year. If a system does not meet this definition then it is a public water system and would be under the jurisdiction of the EPA.



Private water systems include water wells, springs, cisterns, hauled water tanks, and ponds.  A permit is required from the health department before a private water system can be installed or altered.


After a private water system is installed or altered, the Health Department will ensure the system is safe for human consumption by sampling the water for bacterial and nitrate contamination, inspect the well construction and pressure tank, and reviewing the well log and completion form.  This service is also available for existing water systems.


It is extremely important for property owners to work only with licensed private water system contractors.  These contractors are licensed through the Ohio Department of Health and must carry a surety bond.




The Hocking County Health Department offers a variety of services in the PWS program:


      • PWS permits & designs


      • PWS water sampling & Presampling


      • PWS approval


      • Registration of Water Haulers


      • PWS contamination investigations


      • PWS Forms

            • Private Water Completion Forms 






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For general inquiries or questions, please contact the Hocking County Health Department Environmental Division at (740) 385-3030.



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